Security in the cloud

An intelligent business security solution

From small businesses to global corporations, Morphean is a cloud-based platform that integrates your security systems and reveals their true business intelligence potential

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Security in the cloud

The Morphean Platform

With no expensive software to buy and complex servers to maintain, Morphean is a one-stop business security solution, based completely in the cloud. It provides you with proactive video surveillance, access control, and in-depth business intelligence insights. All of these features can be accessed and analysed in a single dashboard, with real-time metrics to measure your company’s success and inform future business decisions. Welcome to the Morphean platform.

Here’s what Morphean can do for you

Video Surveillance

It all starts with a camera that is installed and connected to the Morphean platform through the cloud. This allows you to manage your entire video surveillance system and collect data from multiple sources, directly in the Morphean platform, which can be accessed from wherever you are.

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Gain remote access control

Integrate physical access control directly into the Morphean platform to increase your security level whilst simultaneously reducing the costs associated with access management. Thanks to our platform, you can see who enters your premises, grant and restrict access, and talk to people from wherever you are.

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Make your business intelligent

Morphean’s business intelligence dashboard helps you achieve your business goals by giving you actionable insights from multiple, real data sources. We combine a number of features - including people counting, queue management and mapping hot zones - to bring real, relevant and actionable data to your fingertips, so you can work on improving the performance of your business.

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Powered by the cloud

Morphean is a Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) platform. Your cameras can be connected via the Internet - there’s no servers to maintain and no software to buy; we take care of everything related to operations and maintenance. All you have to do is put your findings to good use.

  • Internet banking-level security
  • Get more whilst paying less
  • No servers and flexible storage
  • On-demand data analytics
  • Manage remotely
  • Full support and updates provided
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Where Morphean can help

Think security is just for high profile buildings and industries? Think again. Regardless of your sector, our dedicated team can tailor a specific intelligent business security solution to meet your bespoke needs. Here at Morphean, we combine traditional security features with artificial intelligence to maximise your investment, and give you the best actionable returns.

  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Security
  • Security
  • Co-working
  • Hospitality
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Real people, Real Support

Committed to help our customers maximise their security investment

We pride ourselves on our personal touch, and the effort we put into building strong partnerships with our clients, following and supporting them along their growth journey

  • Leaders in the Security Market
    We have developed a valuable network of Partners throughout Europe – installers, alarm receiving centres and global security providers, to provide customers with hosted video management solutions.
  • High level of Service
    We accompany our customers as much as they need and we are fully dedicated to help them offer, implement and adapt the best solution for their customer.
  • Sales & Marketing Team
    From your first enquiry a dedicated Account Manager and Marketing team are there to assist and guide you for the best possible outcome for you and your customer.
  • Training
    We offer a full training to get you started, and you can keep learning by joining our webinars and watching our short How2 videos on YouTube.
  • Technical Support
    Morphean will give all the assistance you need for your products, rest assured that you’ll receive the assistance you need, whenever you need it.

We partnered with Morphean to reduce our return rates and cost of investigation.

Chris Shelmerdine FootAsylum - Warehouse Profit Protection Manager

The safety of our staff is our number one priority, Officers value the easy access to help and now report feeling much safer at work thanks to the new technology we are deploying

Mark Dinsdale Post Office - Physical Security Manager

We have increased our sales figures by 20% since we took all the statistics into consideration

Valérie Michel IT Style - Store Manager


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Why work with Morphean?

We’re market leaders

Over our years in business, we have developed a valuable network of partners across Europe - from installers and alarm receiving centres, to global security providers - all combined to give our customers a fully hosted video management solution.

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We give a high level of service

We work with our customers as much as they need us. Wherever you are in your journey, we are fully dedicated to help you offer, implement and build the very best solution for your business.

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We have a first class team

From your very first enquiry, a dedicated account manager and marketing team will be there to assist you, and guide you towards the best possible outcome for you and your business.

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We offer full training

We offer full training in the early days to get you started, and we also have a series of webinars and ‘how to’ videos on YouTube, so you can brush up your knowledge at any time.

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We offer complete technical support xx

Morphean provides all the assistance you need for your products - whenever you need it - so you can rest assured that you’ll always be helped whenever a problem or query arises.

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