Business Intelligence Platform

Business Intelligence Dashboard

A smart tool built in our platform that allows cross-functional analyses of a the performance of your premises. With AI you can check conversion rates, foot traffic statistics, transactions and more. Send live alerts to improve the user experience and adapt the staff live whilst providing a cutting-edge video-surveillance solution

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Visualise all operations. In one dashboard.

With all your facilities data available in one place, managers can better predict the future with seasonal patterns, identify changing user trends and behaviour and optimise their staff management accordingly.

Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Get relevant KPIs and trends to measure the performance of marketing campaigns, understanding the impact of promotions and conversion to sales

Analyse the success of window displays and design

With the dashboard you can see in real time how traffic changes as you adapt your premises' displays and design

Automate staffing of POS to avoid purchase abandonment if the queue is too long

Get people to open new tills when the queue is too long so you don’t lose a sale, optimising staffing levels to avoid long queue and better plan the correct resources needed

Automatically detect fraudulent practices, prevent from loss, and simplify the evidence gathering of fraudulent activities

Set resources in place to prevent in-house crime, like aggression detection, and transaction checkers.