Morphean announces expansion as interest in cloud security grows in Europe

29 Sep 2021

Hosted security provider opens additional premises and welcomes new appointments as a buoyant Security-as-a-Service market increases demand for VSaaS and ACaaS.

Swiss high-tech company, Morphean, a leader in Security-as-a-Service and cloud analytics, has announced an expansive programme of growth to meet demand for hosted security services across Europe. With the recent opening of new offices within the Platform building in the heart of Leeds, UK, and others in Denmark and the Netherlands which opened at the start of the year, Morphean is now well positioned to serve its Scandinavian and Benelux customer base. With a number of appointments taking up key positions, Morphean is on target to deliver its product road map and meet channel growth.

The benefits to business of cloud technologies are now well understood, particularly as a result of the recent pandemic, enabling the faster delivery of services to market, simplifying innovation, reducing risk and ensuring easy scalability. Cloud platforms also support analytics that would be uneconomical or impossible with traditional technology platforms. This looks set to substantially disrupt the physical security market with rapid growth forecast in video surveillance as-a-service (VSaaS) and access control-as-a-service (ACaaS), projected to reach USD 4.7 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 16.0% from 2020 to 2025[1].

New premises and appointments

The opening of a new office in Leeds, UK, in addition to the recently opened offices in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, will help Morphean provide localised support to Northern Europe more broadly, and increase its customer base. In addition, newly appointed personnel bring expertise to sales, account management and finance roles including Philippe Gieseler, Chief Financial Officer; Paul Green, Head of Sales in the UK and Ireland; Noura Sakhsoukh, Sales Executive for Benelux; Lauren Irwin, Sales Executive in the UK; Peter Werner, Sales Executive in Germany; and Tim Bach Bjerg, Key Account Manager for the Nordics. Further appointments are to be announced in marketing, customer support, product development and engineering.

Martyn Ryder, VP Sales and Marketing, Morphean, commented: “The acceleration by business leaders in their digitisation journeys and transition to cloud platforms is driving demand for intelligent physical security solutions. Morphean is transforming this market and making rapid progress towards becoming a leader in the hosted security and business intelligence field. Our expansion will enable our growing partner base to get the most from our range of solutions, and in turn ensure their business customers enjoy a return on investment through improved operational insights.”

Digitisation and cutting-edge technologies using the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fundamentally changing the security and business intelligence industry, with organisations recognising the need to look to the providers of cloud-enabled platforms and systems to meet their physical security requirements. Morphean’s solutions are built around an operational expenditure model, making intelligent systems more affordable via a monthly fee rather than upfront capital investment. Morphean maintains a close working relationship with its partners, providing a solution that is fully scalable to protect against the challenges of today as well as future uncertainty.

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About Morphean SA

Morphean is a Swiss technology company with a strong presence in more than 12 countries worldwide. Founded in 2009 and with over 60 partners across Europe, the secure Morphean platform informs decision making and drives efficiencies for all organisations by generating unique and actionable insights from a multitude of data sources. With expertise across retail, transport & facilities management, among others, the company is recognised as a leader in secure service platform delivery through the use of cloud and AI technologies. The platform helps firms prepare for the future by keeping their ‘Eyes Wide Open’ to the intelligence gathered from a variety of network connected devices.

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