Business Intelligence Platform

People Counting Software

A smart tool that allows businesses to gain strong insight into user traffic and conversion rates to measure and manage their premises to provide the best experience possible.

People Counting Software

Like the traffic metrics you get online, but in your physical queue.

Managers are facing strong competition in physical stores to maintain and grow revenues and market share.

Online tools have been able to provide many metrics to help managers better understand users and improve their experience – now managers can gain similar metrics from their traditional premises with the Morphean Platform

Track traffic at entrance and exits

Sensors are placed at each entrance to the building and collect data on the number of people entering and leaving at any time.

Third party integrations gives you the power of user conversion reports

Connect your systems to our Dashboard, like a point of sale, and cross-check your data from how many persons come in and how many of them buy.

Powerful and intelligent reports give you insights

Export the data right from the Morphean platform.

People Counting

Customer experience managers are being challenged to add value above and beyond the areas they are responsible for and Loss Prevention can be vital in providing key user insights to the business from traditional surveillance systems.

Reduced IT Costs

Secured off-site data

Scalable solution

Remote Management

Reduced Administration Costs

Increased awareness of events