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Morphean for the Security Industry

Morphean solutions redefine security and surveillance, producing powerful insights to enhance operations and better protect people, premises and assets. Open your eyes to new possibilities and support your clients beyond traditional security.

Morphean for the Security Industry

A revolutionary and comprehensive security solution

Morphean leverages data from multiple connected devices to provide a security solution that’s compliant, customisable, cost-effective and highly responsive. Whether monitoring remote energy installations, protecting critical transport infrastructure or improving retail and office security and access, Morphean secures your people, premises and assets for complete peace of mind.

Protecting people, premises and assets

Our pay-per-use video surveillance (VSaaS) and access control solutions (ACaaS) utilise machine learning and AI to generate powerful insights from your data held securely in the cloud. This in turn, informs decision making and improves security across your business to better protect employees, customers, boundaries or critical infrastructure.

Delivering intelligence and insights

See the status of your devices instantly and be notified if a camera disconnects. Thanks to the power of the cloud we can ensure a high level of connectivity and availability of your video surveillance system, so the footage and insights are one click away. Intelligent insights provide full visibility across surveillance, access control, and all aspects of security.

Cyber secure and compliant solutions

Morphean solutions are compliant with the GDPR and the NIS Directive, respecting the highest and strongest data certification standards in all regions and only hosting data in Tier 3 data centres or higher. Morphean collaborates with proven hosting partners and is more secure in every way than an on-premise alternative to ensure complete peace of mind.

A complete security solution

Integrated video surveillance and access control solutions delivered as-a-service:

Crime and fraud reduction

Shoplifting, organised crime, fraud and concerning behaviour monitored and alerts provided in real time to improve security

Insights for faster response

Security powered by intelligence that’s relevant and customisable for real-time insights and faster response times

Cyber security and data compliance

Video data and intelligence comprehensively secured in the cloud and aligned with global security standards and requirements

Easy system integration

Keep staff safe thanks to improved security, delivered through integrated video surveillance (VSaaS) and access control (ACaaS) systems

Two factor authentication

Video and access control data combined improve site access and security through two-factor authentication

Fit for business, fit for the future

A pay-per-use model provides comprehensive security and is adaptable and scalable to suit the growing needs of any business.