Business Intelligence Platform

Hot Zones

A smart tool that allows you to visualise hot spots, dead areas and bottlenecks to gain strong insight into your layouts, displays, and even promotions if you are a retailer. Export the data and constantly improve your areas to maximise your strategy.

Hot Zones

Optimise your space by understanding the movement of people

With this feature installed on your camera, you’ll be able to see a heat map showing how people move around your space. Understand better the impact of layouts or promotions and how they convert to usage or sales.

Traffic flow and dwell time

Learn more about the flow of people through your building, understanding how much time they spend in a specific area, like sitting at a table or viewing a product before buying.

Better management of bottlenecks

Understand why people are drawn to one area and not another, so you can better distribute the traffic and maximise sales

Integrated third party data for further analysis

Connect your own data with the heat maps and customer profiles to understand who your users are and how they respond to your strategies

Trends and patterns

Clearly see if a stand is getting more attention than others and optimise your floor space and layout to maximise sales potential

Ensure displays are attracting the desired interest

Better understand the impact of promotions and conversions to sale