The Morphean Platform

Why use Morphean? Because only Morphean's cloud-based platform gives you the posibility to have your eyes wide open everywhere you do business, with all the important data always at your fingertips.

The Morphean Platform

The Morphean Platform

The one-place solution for proactive video surveillance, access control, and business data collection. Bring all these features in a dashboard with real-time metrics that measure your company success. That is the Morphean Platform.

Video Surveillance

It all starts with a camera that is installed and connected directly to our platform without the need of in-house servers.

Allowing you to manage your videosecurity system and collect data from multiple sources, directly to the Morphean platform.

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Remote Access Control

Integrate Access Control directly to the Morphean Platform, increasing your security level while reducing the costs of your physical access management. See who enters your premises, grant access, talk to people on your door, and much more.

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Business Intelligence

A dashboard that helps you achieve your objectives of maximising sales revenue and delivering a cutting-edge customer experience.

We combine features like improved people counting, queue management and heat map with key data to bring relevant and actionable information to our customers’ fingertips, and improve the overall performance of their business.

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You are secured on the cloud

With a strong network of 15 datacentre’s across Europe, conscientiously selected on high-demanding criteria, we ensure the highest levels of security.

Morphean's platform runs in the cloud, meaning that you can move your video surveillance systems from big outdated on-site servers to a secure, remote, reliable and always up-to-date way of safeguarding your systems, devices and data.

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You pay only for what you need

Our pricing subscription model makes our platform accessible, adaptable and scalable to every business need.

Whether you just need a corner camera, a connected inter-com across several buildings or a artificial intelligent tool that drives business insights, our platform can be tailored to you.

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