The Morphean Platform

Business Intelligence

Connect your security cameras to Morphean and open up a world of possibility. Optimise your operational performance with artificial intelligence features you can add inside our platform. Count people coming in and out a store, detect when someone crosses a virtual line, automate alarms, connect to your POS, and much more.

Business Intelligence

Discover how Morphean can bring you new ways of using your video cameras

People Counting

Get knowledge of your foot traffic and occupancy levels

Morphean gives you the information to provide the best experience to your users.

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Queue Management

You can learn more from your queues than you imagine.

Customer service is directly related to customer satisfaction, so reacting quickly is a priority. Set your cameras to monitor them and alert you.


Customer Profiles

Who are the customers you are attracting?

Get predictive information like gender and age from your cameras. Start making informed decisions today and adapt your services accordingly

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Hot Zones

View heat maps of traffic and modify your layouts accordingly.

See how people move around your premises and adapt your layout to make the most out of your floor space.


Business Intelligence Dashboard

See all of your collected data in one simple dashboard within the platform.

Connect it to your third-party system and crosscheck the data to better predict the future and identify changing trends.

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