Video Surveillance

Live Monitoring

A smart tool that allows you to ensure the highest level of security 24/7 and easily connect to your remote monitoring station. Thanks to live and remote video monitoring, we provide adapted interventions, avoid the many and costly false alarms, and ensure evidence gathering and recording of any infraction.

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Live Monitoring

Eyes wide open in ALL your premises

Say goodbye to traditional security with monitoring guards and the high costs of maintaining servers on site. It's time to optimise costs whilst implementing an optimal level of security, all in one place.

Improve the security of your site thanks to remote and proactive video surveillance

See live images of your cameras from anywhere, directly on our platform or mobile device.

Automatically detect any aggression

Get notifications in real time and interact with other devices. Thanks to artificial intelligence you can automate microphones that detect raised voices, screams, yelling, and threats, allowing you to react even when everything seems alright on camera.

Like your traditional Video Surveillance but at a fraction of the cost

Since you won’t be needing servers on-site, you can pay only for what you need without the fuss of maintenance or upgrades, and scale up or down to meet your security needs

Evidence everything with storage in the cloud and on the device

You can choose for how long you want to store your footage and where. Save it to the cloud, on the device, or both for up to 90 days

Replace the conventional patrols for virtual ones

Keep a constant eye on your premises without the need for manual operatives patrolling the site. Receive instant automated alerts to notify you of any event requiring your attention.

Panic buttons to make everyone feel safe

The panic button can be actionable anytime to ensure instant intervention in any given time

Connect with your alarm receiving centre

Alerts sent to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) provide peace of mind. You can feel confident that a response team are on hand to help you deal with any incident.

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Security is a topic that every organisation needs to cover. Ensuring a level of confidence in the workplace when it comes to security is essential to help colleagues, staff, clients and customers feel safe and secure.