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Morphean for Retail

Morphean retail solutions redefine store performance, space optimisation and security with intelligent insights driven by real-time in-store data. Morphean opens your eyes to new possibilities.

Morphean for Retail

End-to-end solutions for retail

Morphean is a proven partner with an in-depth understanding of the retail environment delivering intelligent, relevant, and powerful solutions that suit a variety of business needs.

Improved Security

Morphean improves security throughout the store by providing optimised insights into areas of high risk and low visibility while constantly monitoring for suspicious activity. Morphean helps reduce instances of crime and fraud by providing to stakeholders real-time and relevant insights through advanced analytics on a futureproof and agile platform.

Retail Intelligence

AI powered analytics deliver intelligent insights that enable retail organisations to optimise store layout and customer engagement.

Morphean identifies behaviours and shopping patterns to inform store managers and helps fine tune stock placement and product allocations for marketing. Features such as queue mapping, hot zones and people counting improve queue waiting times, identify areas of low footfall and better tailor the environment to the in-store demographic.

Access Control

Secure your critical areas such as front-of-house and back-of-house. Combine it with video to better understand and investigate security breaches. Your access control is securely monitored through the cloud, which means you can manage your doors remotely and grant access from anywhere, removing the need to have physical keys.

More than just security

Introduce digital transformation to your retail organisation and optimise customer engagement with our extensive, intelligent solutions.

Improved retail security

Identification management, access control, greater visibility of high-risk areas, behaviour analysis and video evidence securely stored in the cloud

Confidence and peace of mind

A secure cloud-based platform using the latest innovations in technology such as machine learning and AI to deliver competitor advantage

Intelligent analytics

Data-driven insights that can be leveraged to make relevant business decisions and enhance retail capabilities and operations

Access control and identity management

Intelligent systems providing comprehensive and secure employee access and site security

Improved business operations

Business insights created through the aggregation of data and the application of AI managed securely in the cloud

Retail ecosystem covered

Integration across existing retail technology platforms to deliver a smart solution through connected cloud-enabled applications

A proven operator in retail

Morphean understands how to leverage digital data from connected systems to produce intelligent insights, helping to optimise and enhance the retail environment. Using the latest technologies, Morphean works with leading retail organisations to deliver market-leading solutions with tangible results. Morphean insights can help you get the most from your retail store.