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Morphean for Transport

Morphean unlocks powerful insights to deliver improved security and operations management in transport and logistics. Open your eyes to real time intelligence.

Morphean for Transport

End-to-end solutions for transport and logistics

The transport and logistics industries are facing many complex challenges as demand for services, market competition and security infringements grows. Morphean provides real-time insight into security and operations, with outputs that are presented in a simple format to make management easier and more efficient.

Enhanced security

Morphean’s security solutions for transportation and the logistics & distribution industries are designed to better protect people, perimeters, and assets.

Remote video surveillance and cloud analytics deliver real-time intelligence to ensure the safe and secure passage of all travellers, staff and freight across national and international rail, bus, sea, and air routes.

Improved logistics management and productivity

Warehousing and logistics centres need to ensure goods are collected from and delivered to the right place at the right time against tight deadlines.

Morphean enables greater visibility and control over assets such as cargo or vehicle fleets leading to greater efficiencies and resource productivity. Dynamically allocating delivery trucks to loading bays based on data drawn from delivery schedules combined with security cameras, is one such example.

Removing complexity

As passenger numbers and distribution networks grow, the efficient and secure management of people and assets is increasingly complex.

The Morphean platform aggregates data from a multitude of connected devices and digital sources, often across multiple locations, and uses advanced technologies such as AI to deliver automated business insights to improve decision making and simplify operations.

A complete transportation and logistics ecosystem

Driving your success with flexible, automated, customisable and scalable solutions:

Comprehensive security

An intelligent platform helping to protect people, perimeters and assets in the modern transportation and logistics industries

Access control

Security solutions onsite that reduce the dependency on security personnel, offering complete control of locations and operations

Advanced technology removes complexity

Cloud-based AI is used to support decision making by speeding up insights drawn from data aggregated from a variety of sources

Improved productivity

Use detailed analytics to inform decision making and allow for more efficient management of staff to improve productivity

Intelligent insights

Unlock relevant and real-time insights from your data for better passenger safety and operations management

A complete and secure eco-system

Full visibility and control over your data held securely in the cloud to improve all aspects of security, surveillance, and access control