The Morphean Platform

Platform Overview

The Cloud

Nowadays, the vast majority of businesses use the Cloud. The fact is, the best way of having security and reliability – outside of having no computers at all – is always to use the best and most recent technologies to safeguard systems, devices and data.

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Bespoke Solutions

The Morphean platform is built entirely in the Cloud, making it highly scalable and adaptable. So whether you are a grocery shop with 10 cameras or an international multi-site company with 3000 cameras, Morphean has your needs covered with a tailored solution.

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Cloud vs Legacy Model

The cloud has proven to be a reliable solution for many industries, and a true benefit for many businesses adopting it as part of the tools they have to generate value. We tell you why going from on-site security to cloud is the next step for your business.

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Data Security

The Morphean platform is securely built in the cloud to swiss quality standards. This means that your data and video footage is securely stored in a server within your country, saving you the cost of having servers to maintain, upgrades to pay for, or broken equipment. Plus, because it’s a service there are no hidden fees, you only pay for what you use.

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