Business Intelligence

Queue Management

Gain real time information on the status of queues, this allows you to take automated real time actions to minimise waiting times and enhance user experience.

Queue Management

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Know how many people are waiting to get served in a queue, get an automated alert to your mobile, a headset or through a speaker. Improve your customer service and delight your users.

Intelligent cameras automatically monitor queue numbers

Set cameras to count the number of people waiting in a queue. Get this info right into our dashboard and export it

Real time mobile alerts

When a queue is getting too long, you can get an alert to your mobile, to your personnel headset, or set an automated sound to play through speakers to let people know someone is coming to help

Automatic speaker announcements

When you also need your users to know that the queue is getting too long, set and announcement to play through your on-site speakers

Set queue size and waiting time parameters

You can customise the queue specifics, so you only get a notification when there is need to get a notification

Optimise performance with intelligent insights

Export the reports of queue waiting times to help you determine how many people leave the queue as a result of delays and how you can improve it.