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Queue Management System

Nobody likes to stand around waiting. Managing customers’ time spent queueing is a key part of keeping them happy and loyal. That’s where a queue management system comes in. Morphean’s platform allows you to gain real-time information on the status of queues throughout your store, so you can take instant action to minimise waiting times and enhance user experience. If your customers are happy, they’ll come back again and again.

Queue Management System

What is a queue management system?

The practice of queue management allows you to oversee the movement of people around a premises, whether that’s a retail store, shopping mall, library, airport or even a hospital - any customer-facing environment. A queue management system allows you to efficiently manage and improve a customer’s waiting time, to give them a better view of your business, and ultimately improve their happiness and loyalty.

Automatic monitoring

Through smart and high-quality cameras, your queue numbers can be automatically monitored. There are a number of settings available that you can customise, so your alerts are completely bespoke to your business. All this information will be displayed in the Morphean Dashboard in an easy-to-read format, and can be exported at the touch of a button.

Cloud Video Surveillance

Real-time alerts

When a queue gets too long - as per your customised settings - you can receive an alert straight to your mobile, personnel headset, or it can be announced through the speakers. However you like to run your business, the Morphean platform can be structured to suit you.

Set custom parameters

Every business will track their customers in a different way, and some will be busier than others. With the Morphean platform, you can set custom parameters and maximum queue sizes; with these specifics, you’ll only receive a notification when there’s a need to. You know your business best, so we put you in control.

Intelligent insights

By exporting easy-to-read reports on your queue waiting times, you can gain key business insights and optimise performance based on your findings. For example, you can determine how many people leave your queue as a result of delays, how long a queue is too long, and how you can take steps to improve wait times.

How Morphean’s queue management system works

Morphean’s queue management system is suitable for a number of different industries. Through high-quality cameras and intelligent software, you can monitor queues in real-time, know how many people are waiting to be served, and receive an instant, automated alert to your mobile, headset or over a speaker system. This will allow you to react quickly to improve your customer service and delight your customers.

How queue management software can help

Automatic announcements

Once you have set your custom parameters, you can choose exactly how you receive alerts. When you need to let your customers know that someone is on the way - and get a member of staff involved - you can set an announcement to play through on-site speakers

Get started with queue management

Not only can a queue management system help you keep your customers happy, it can also give you valuable insights into how your customers behave around your premises. From there, you can adjust and tweak accordingly. This is the Morphean platform.