Play your best hand: the benefits of partnering with Morphean

9 May 2022

The video surveillance industry has grown exponentially over the last decade. By 2031, physical security’s market value is expected to surpass $243.6 billion (1). Showing there is a huge opportunity for installers to significantly grow their business as demand increases for solutions. But with great opportunities for new business also comes intensified competition. 95% of respondents in Morphean's Hosted Landscape Report (2020/2021) stated that if an existing security system could deliver insights they would be more likely to buy into it (2). With Morphean offering these features you can stay competitive with emerging industry trends and tailor your offerings to current customer demands.

Yet, this is still not only about your customer’s needs. Rising business costs mean that companies must find ways to maximise their revenue streams. This can be achieved by selling more features from different devices whilst simultaneously providing a first-class service. So don’t chance and pick the best service provider that offers everything you need to stand out from your competitors.

1. Customer benefits of cloud

Cloud-based services are continuously growing across all aspects of the modern world and video surveillance is not exempt. 93% of the respondents surveyed in the Cloud Industry Forum 2022 Report, cited cloud as an important part of their company's digital transformation strategy and 96% confirmed that cloud technology has at one time or another, saved their organisation money(3).

Therefore, almost all companies that have used cloud systems have experienced money-saving benefits. In physical security, customers can cut expenses by not spending money on on-site servers. Cloud solutions also enable them to improve budgeting for their security systems with an expected monthly subscription fee. As well as this, necessary security or software updates can be completed automatically through the platform and a separate engineer does not need to be called onto a site to check and maintain this. Organisations can thus be assured that their systems are always up to date.

With no data stored on-site the cloud can reassure installers and businesses that their footage is backed-up, safe and secure. Even if a camera is destroyed, the footage is quickly cut and sent from the smart dashboard in an encrypted file. This simplifies the investigation process, with all footage being available in a couple of clicks, and more importantly, no important footage gets lost!

2. Customised solutions using analytics

    Morphean device partner Axis has an open platform. This enables organisations to connect to our platform with ease and unlock a wide range of analytics from a device. This allows you to customise a client's solution which seeks to resolve the specific challenges that they are facing.

    If your customer is a retailer, for example, you can tailor a solution to identify different behaviours and shopping patterns with features such as queue mapping, hot zones and people counting. This can both improve wait times and empower businesses to make smarter choices. While the transaction checker can identify the exact point at which a purchase is made and bring up the footage of fraud during the checkout process. By adopting this you can create an impressive solution which adds significant value to a customers' operations and will also make you stand out in the market. These customers will also only pay for the features that they use (no huge joining fee required!); this is completely flexible and allows customers to change their minds or make cutbacks, should this be necessary.

    3. Pairing VSaaS with ACaaS

      Introducing keyless door entry, it can eliminate the worry, time and costs associated with keeping your customer's premises secure. A traditional electronic locking system may give your clients control over who is entering their buildings with the use of plastic key cards and give a good level of security. However, once the door is open there is no control over who is entering or what happens once, they pass the open door. Pairing it with a video device can provide footage of the person entering and their actions.

      Similarly, if a customer already has an established video surveillance system and is looking to install an access control system, an access control device can be seamlessly integrated using the Morphean platform to create an intelligent entrance control system. Furthermore, recommending access control as a service (ACaaS) will become an increasingly popular solution for customers as the cloud platform takes care of upgrades and helps support the logistics of the service for a monthly subscription fee. The built-in access control feature in the Morphean platform allows you or your security provider to locally or remotely add or remove employees’ key cards, managing and monitoring their access to certain areas across multiple sites. This is a particularly useful solution for clients with multiple locations or large workforces.

      The cost-saving benefits of cloud, the business intelligence analytics, and integrated access control services can allow you as an installer can create the perfect custom solution to secure the customer and set you apart from your competition. Contact Morphean to find out more information.

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