Impact of COVID-19 on cloud adoption and the implications for the physical security industry

2020 Security Landscape report

65% of respondents have increased their usage of hosted office applications, 53% have increased their use of online file sharing technologies and 46% stated that their organisations are using social collaboration platforms much more than before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Our survey questioned 1000 senior IT decision makers working in the UK, Germany and Sweden, primarily in Finance, Human Resources, Facilities Management and IT, within companies with 50+ employees

Cloud is big on the agenda. Organisations are embracing connected technologies, of which security systems are increasingly an integral part. The stage is now set for those suppliers and installers who can confidently offer cloud based physical security solutions to help businesses face their challenges.

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The influence of cloud

How COVID-19 impulsed cloud industry

The changing security landscape

Comparing 2019 / 2020 attitudes to hosted security solutions

Intelligent surveillance

he benefits of VSaaS; meeting physical security demand in the cloud

Redefining access control

Business insights for improved decision making with ACaaS

Increasing hosted security adoption

Identifying and removing the barriers to growth

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The increased appetite for hosted services presents an opportunity for us to work with businesses to help them improve their physical security, while also educating them on the potential business intelligence benefits offered by surveillance and access control solutions when integrated in the cloud

Rodrigue Zbinden,,

Morphean SA CEO

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