Alexander Schläpfer

Advisor - Strategy

Passionated in building businesses, growing, pivoting and directing them to success.

Alexander is an active board member in Morphean as advisory and strategy chair.

As a leader of high performing teams, he applies a transformative leadership philosophy by empowering team-members while giving them a clear vision, direction and regular follow-up. Highly admires young talent and likes to give them the opportunity to grow and prove themselves, always with a good dose of coaching and training.

A few of his achievements include creating and building-up from scratch 3 JVs in the Middle East and selling over $150m of power plant equipment. He managed an EPC contracting Business Unit with over 120 employees, co-founded a Robotics engineering business, today a market leader in infrastructure inspection, co-founded a venture capital firm; structured and raised 5 venture funds totalling close to $1bn in LP commitments, led 20 new VC participations and raised over $500m in follow-on financing for my portfolio companies and served as board-member or chairman in 17 company boards to date.

He holds a degree from FHS St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences and a M.S. in Finance from the London Business School.

Alexander Schläpfer