27 Mar 2017

In collaboration with Morphean and Axis Communications, Trigion launches a new Video Surveillance as a Service Platform under the TrigiView label.

The Morphean-powered solution provides an effective audio, video and access control system in the cloud which can be remotely managed by phone, tablet and desktop. It also brings relevant Business Intelligence tools to its users.

“This new as-a-Service model allows us to offer a complete and high-performing solution to our dutch customers, while saving them the purchase of an expensive VMS (Video Management Software) and its expensive maintenance & local infrastructure costs. Of course, we provide secured data and video streams by offering two recording profiles (locally on in the cloud), ensuring anytime full availability of the images.”, says Ron Knaap, Alarm Service Centres Business Unit Director at Trigion.

15 years’ experience in video protection systems

We have over 15 years’ experience in the development of digital video protection systems deployed around the world. ” Trigion has deliberately chosen to collaborate with Morphean, an organization which we like to collaborate with and that provides added value in delivering relevant (marketing) data to users.”, continues Ron.

One step ahead of competition

“At Morphean, we are pleased to introduce the product in the Netherlands in cooperation with Trigion and Axis Communications. The confidence of our solution gained by leaders of the security market like Axis Communications and Trigion in the Netherlands proves that our VSaaS platform is answering the needs of the end-customers and is far ahead of the products of our competition” says Eric Gagnaux, Business Development Manager at Morphean,

Read the Trigion press release.

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