The TPF has chosen the Morphean solution for remote video surveillance in their public stations and transport stops.

Mar 21, 2017


Up until Transports Publics Fribourgeois (TPF) implemented the Morphean solution, they were using a variety of different solutions. Accessing video images was a complicated process and the multiple interfaces were difficult to use, leading to a lot of time being wasted when attempting to manage the surveillance system. From inhouse user training to the transfer of images to the police when required, the IT department were called in on a regular basis to assist their colleagues with the long, complex and inefficient processes.

TPF then decided to replace their unsatisfactory older systems with a single system that could harness the power of the cloud. This would enable images to be securely accessed remotely without lowering firewall security and provide external hosting, leading to the removal of local recorders and IT hardware, and a more streamlined approach to maintenance. Additionally, the idea of a solution that could provide more than just security with the same camera hardware was extremely well-received. The Morphean presentation went down very well within the company and the solution was quickly rolled out.