New investment round drives Morphean’s growth and expansion plans

19 Jun 2018

Morphean, an innovator in Security-as-a-Service, leads the security industry into a smarter digital future that promises unique business insights by leveraging AI

Swiss high-tech company Morphean, a leader in cloud analytics and Security-as-a-Service, today opens a new chapter in its development. This latest round of financing confirms once again that digitisation and cutting-edge technologies using the Internet of Things (IoT), the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are fundamentally changing the security and business intelligence industry. A continuous investment of this kind is indicative of the rising curve of the business intelligence market, which is continuing its expansion and will reach a total volume of USD 22.8 billion by the end of 2020 according to Gartner’s forecast.

With KÖTTER Invest GmbH from Germany, another partner joins an impressive group of existing Morphean shareholders, such as Securitas Group Switzerland, Swisscom, AM-Tec, Capital Risque Fribourg and iCortex. KÖTTER Invest is the investment division of the KÖTTER Group, which also includes KÖTTER Security, the largest family-run security service provider in Germany.

Market growth is driven by end-users’ demands for a higher return on investment (ROI) from their security facilities, which can be achieved by gaining more insight from their data. In addition, in the new age of security, installers and integrators are looking for simple system set-ups, platforms for cyber security, and increased revenue opportunities. Morphean’s secure cloud analytics platform successfully helps customers and installers achieve these goals. In retail, for example, analytics can determine which demographic profiles visit a store in a given period of time – enabling in-store promotions that are precisely tailored to the preferences of the clientele.

Friedrich P. Kötter says:Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving. Thanks to the digital technologies provided by Morphean, we can offer our customers improved and more individual solutions. In addition, the increase in digitisation and IoT has led to an overabundance of data that must be managed in a secure and intelligent manner. Morphean is transforming this market and is well on course towards leadership in this area: The company uses AI to analyse data that is securely stored in the cloud, and is thus able to provide unique insights. This enables our customers to achieve an even higher level of security and at the same time receive relevant information about the performance of their company. Our investment partnership will help open a new chapter in Security-as-a-Service.

Rodrigue Zbinden, CEO of Morphean, adds: “Morphean raises the bar for the application of video surveillance and access control systems. This latest investment underlines the fact that our vision of the future is becoming reality. Based on the latest IoT and cloud technologies, the Morphean platform improves security by providing intelligent and proactive monitoring. The data provided by each connected IoT device also allows us to enable companies to monitor trends and improve performance through actionable insights provided by Artificial Intelligence. Morphean helps companies increase their revenue from their security investments.