Morphean SA counts on new investment partner AM-Tec to assure growth and further market openings

Oct 7, 2015

The technology asset management company AM-Tec is joining forces with Morphean, the video hosting specialist that offers a radically improved service platform based on the analysis of video, audio and third party metadata.

At the extraordinary general meeting held on 1st September, 2015, Dr Peter Balsiger was elected to the Morphean Board of Directors, joining Rodrigue Zbinden (CEO and co-Founder), Benoît Rouiller (Head of Marketing and co-Founder) and Dominique Ducry (CFO).

Morphean has been showing consistent growth in Europe, consolidating its new-market-opening strategy. And now, with AM-Tec support and the election of Dr Peter Balsiger to its Board of Directors, Morphean has both the resources and the requisite level of expertise to assure future growth together with the development of new markets. AM-Tec and Morphean welcome this partnership and the prospects it holds for further developing Morphean together. AM-Tec has been impressed by the Morphean technology and business model – and by the people behind them. Thoroughly convinced about the platform’s added value and growth potential, AM-Tec has become a shareholder in Morphean, investing not only capital, but also the expertise of Dr Peter Balsiger and his team.

Currently present in nine European countries, Morphean offers its leading hosting platform to a wide range of partners including alarm receiving centres, security companies, telecom operators and service provider companies. Its products are hosted in private clouds in several countries in Europe and are ready to be extended to the Americas and Asia. Morphean is differentiated by its “as a service” approach combined with radically innovative incident detection and data analysis.

Morphean’s leading analysis technology based on human behaviour makes it possible to offer different types of detection in the area of physical security (intrusion, theft, people on the ground…). It provides Morphean’s customers with valuable information about their customers or processes, thereby offering opportunities for improved return on investment, particularly in retail, bank and transportation applications.