Morphean and Digital Barriers partner to deliver class-leading business and security analytics as a VSaaS

25 Jul 2017

Geneva and London, July 24, 2017— Morphean and Digital Barriers announce today a new collaboration to offer Digital Barriers’ government-accredited video analytics and facial recognition solutions as an enhanced Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution across the Morphean video surveillance platform.

This combination will bring a market-leading solution to businesses looking to enhance their control over physical security and business intelligence, whilst reducing costs and IT complexity. Morphean will become the first European-based business intelligence and video management platform provider offering the SmartVis video analytics suite as a VSaaS solution into the commercial sector.

“By employing Digital Barriers’ SmartVis analytics, Morphean can rapidly augment safety and security capabilities across our clients’ assets, leveraging the latest in AI analytics, no matter how large the enterprise or how challenging the environment,” said Rodrigue Zbinden, Morphean CEO.

“This collaboration with Morphean underscores the significant technical lead that SmartVis has over its competition. Morphean’s surveillance and business intelligence platform across large-scale retail unlocks a brand new market for Digital Barriers, one that complements our engagements with defence and law enforcement customers around the world,” said Manuel Magalhaes, Vice President, Global Alliances, Digital Barriers.

About Morphean SA

Morphean, pioneer in the smart video surveillance solutions, is a Swiss high-tech company present in more than 15 countries, offering its solutions to the leaders of the security industry and to major retail chains worldwide. Morphean is regarded as the leader in hosted video monitoring and surveillance platforms. In addition to security, its platform provides organisations with state-of-the-art Business Intelligence tools to monitor trends and improve their business, allowing them to capitalise on their security investment. From basic yet highly secure live monitoring to fully integrated security management and marketing tools of multiple site organisations, we cover the whole process of Video-Monitoring-as-a-Service.

About Digital Barriers

Digital Barriers provides visually intelligent solutions to the global surveillance, security and safety markets. We deliver zero-latency streaming and analysis of secure video and related intelligence over wireless networks, including cellular, satellite, IP mesh and cloud, utilising significantly less bandwidth than standard technologies. Our rapidly-installed fixed and mobile solutions for covert, remote and wide-area deployments, as well as vehicle and body-worn applications, have been sold into more than fifty countries, and have been proven in some of the world’s most demanding operational environments. We also provide advanced video content analysis and body scanning to identify safety concerns and threats in real-time.