Creating a Strategy for Selling Cloud Physical Security in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Read our checklist with 7 tips on implementing a profit driving cloud security selling strategy

Morphean’s partner checklist is intended to provide the necessary information to help you gain a better understanding of cloud video surveillance and creating migration strategy. Installers are facing tough budgeting decisions with rising operational costs and unknown economic conditions into the coming year. But it's time to manage your current costs by creating the right processes for your business, you can help protect your employees and profits.

Our checklist will provide you with here’s a list of 7 tips you should consider when navigating through these tough periods by working smarter, not harder. Covering topics such as implementing service-driven model sources, ditching servers and implementing remote access. Our hope is you can broaden the scope of cloud products and services offered, to future-proof your projects and change the way you do business for the better.

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Download the checklist to learn more about:

Adding A Service-Driven Model To Your Revenue Sources

Your revenue shouldn’t just stop when a one-time project is complete

Implement Remote Access To Your Managed Devices

What if you can configure a camera without getting out of your seat?

Ditching The Servers

Give your customers better budgeting

No Need For System Maintenance

With automatic updates, no need to worry about the stability of your system

Introducing Hybrid Cloud

Win more customers with flexible pricing

Spread Your Workforce More Efficiently

Time to be smart with your staff's workload

Embrace The Security Of Cloud

Ensure the highest level of safety and privacy for your customers

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“Cloud offers an alternative approach to offer new products and services to make better use of resources, mitigate rising salary costs, and multiply revenue streams. It’s clear that cloud physical security will become the default setting for video surveillance in the professional security industry.”

Scott Gray,

Morphean UK Sales Manager

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