Why Cloud is mission critical for the physical security industry

A complete guide to cloud physical security and the reseller benefits for partners, system integrators and security installers.

Digitalisation has ushered in a new era of hosted security platforms that are disrupting the industry as you know it. At Morphean, we see cloud-enabled tools as having a critical role to play in the digital transformation agenda. Weaved into modern business strategies, these tools can assist in gaining a competitive edge and achieving long-term success.

It will increasingly be those security professionals who can combine a physical security skillset with knowledge of the cloud, networks and systems, that will reap the rewards. Charged per device per month, cloud physical security offers the security business a route to more sustainable revenue growth and contracts to be leveraged by upselling more features.

Switching to the cloud not only represents more predictable budgeting and recurring revenue but also leads to cost savings and, through remote maintenance, better use of people and resources. And, for the end-user, cloud brings improved security as well as operational insights from collected data to boost business efficiencies.

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Morphean’s partner guide is intended to provide the necessary information to help you gain a better understanding of this exciting world, together with some useful practical tips and advice. Our hope is that by reading this information you can broaden the scope of products and services offered, improve the calibre of future projects and change the way you do business for the better.

Download Why Cloud is mission critical for the physical security industry

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Cloud physical security

A new digital dawn for CCTV

The business case

Reduce costs and streamline operations

Analytics and data-driven decisions

Improve security and business performance

Employing sustainable practices

Achieve green targets

Improving cybersecurity knowledge

Protect networks and systems

Trusted partnerships

Build relationships that lead to long-term success

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“Cloud offers an alternative approach to offer new products and services to make better use of resources, mitigate rising salary costs, and multiply revenue streams. It’s clear that cloud physical security will become the default setting for video surveillance in the professional security industry.”

Martyn Ryder,

Morphean VP Sales and Marketing

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