Better budgeting and sharper intelligence with cloud physical security

13 Dec 2022

Digital transformation has enabled businesses to leverage the cloud, opening up many new possibilities for connected devices. Cloud offers the highest levels of protection while unlocking benefits based on collected data, analytics and AI. Crucially, the cloud business model also enables better budgeting and a move away from the need for a large upfront investment in technology.

And the same benefits apply when talking about physical security hosted in the cloud. Yet, many still prefer to rely on dated, legacy methods to protect their premises and assets. So here we consider why now is the time to better understand the merits of cloud physical security and why it represents a smart move for the forward-thinking business leader.

Operational expenditure and fixed IT budgets

Demand for more flexible working processes is driving a continual shift towards cloud infrastructure, and as more applications are moved to cloud platforms, so being able to centrally monitor and control every aspect of operations, including security, will become a necessity. Negating the need for a substantial financial outlay – which would be difficult to secure in the current financial climate – cloud physical security utilises a simple monthly billing cycle based around small incremental payments. So, users get access to the very latest cloud security solutions quickly and affordably.

While a move to the cloud requires a shift in mindset, moving to a pay-as-you-go cost model also facilitates access to the latest maintenance and services as soon as they are available, often through simple software upgrades and remote updates. This removes the need for disruptive onsite maintenance or the overhauling of outdated technology, and the associated cost implications. New capabilities, such as remote monitoring of the security system, allow operatives to monitor operations continually using a dedicated dashboard, even by mobile device.

Accurate forecasting of expenditure

A key benefit of the cloud billing model is its flexibility, enabling business to scale the system up or down to meet requirements while only paying for what they use. As activity can be closely tracked, cloud expenditure can be forecast more accurately.

Cloud also makes it much simpler to identify other business areas where savings might be made. Intelligence from collected data in real time can be used to report back, for example, on staff movements; automated heating could then be configured to activate only in the most used areas, bringing down running costs.

In the past the installation of a security solution was a task that ended when the system was operational. Now, the deployment of a cloud solution marks the start of an ongoing partnership which is intended to help businesses make the most from their chosen system, and ensure it meets their exact requirements. Use of AI and analytics means that the system will become even more accurate over time as it aggregates and interprets data about the business’ security and operations, ultimately improving ROI.

By embracing cloud, businesses gain access to the very latest technologies and can use them to their optimum potential, while a flexible cost system and simplified budgeting makes cloud physical security available to all. Those businesses that are willing to make the move to cloud will be those that continue to benefit from the many capabilities that the digital transformation in security makes possible.

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