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Explores the security challenges associated with the growing prevalence of the flexible working model and highlights the opportunities for the physical security professional looking to unlock powerful business and security insights derived from surveillance data.

As businesses adapt to the post-Covid era by offering employees greater freedom in when and where they work, security professionals need to respond and keep pace with these dynamic, more fluid working patterns. As demand for flexibility grows, the need to monitor and protect premises and people becomes ever-more complex leading to a greater reliance on technology, automation and AI.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The dynamic worker of the future – Attitudes and requirements in the new world of work
  • A flexible business model – Benefits and associated challenges
  • The role of physical security technology – Cloud-enabled solutions to support and secure
  • Benefits beyond security – Insights to improve operations as well as health & safety
  • The importance of trust and ethics – Building solid partnerships to ensure future success